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Scalloped Owlet Reflection | by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
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Scalloped Owlet Reflection

In 1988 I was a cute and silly six year old little girl. My family had a farm where we'd go nearly every weekend and return home with the car loaded with tangerine and other farm goods. My brothers, cousins and I would paint our faces with urucum and run through the corn and manioc plantations, playing indian war using mamona.

We'd also be chased by turkeys, roosters, hen and geese when we tried to catch their chicklings or ducklings. Oh yes, good times!


But it was also then when I noticed the 88 butterflies and they became my very favorites. But, when the year 89 came, I was outraged by the fact that the 88 butterfly didn't update!! Seriously, I was maaaad! Lol. I used to think: "stpd butterfly, doesn't it realise we're in year 89 already? Why haven't it changed?"


Hm, so, I'm talking about the 88 here, because I was going to upload some 88 photos, but I was kind of upset with some comments saying that my late photos are nothing special, some said they are ordinary, some said they are mediocre... I'm fine with that, people are entitled to have their opinion and I'm not going to fuss at anybody for saying so, but this one e-mail did hurt me:


"Lately you have been uploading images that either poorly composed, thought about or poorly focused, especially images of butterflies. You shouldn't upload images that are this "common" and expect them to be on explore or receive lots of faves and comments. You have never uploaded images of high quality work(s) as those created by serious practitioners of their art. Your stream seems to be just your run of the mill "What I did today" repository for mediocre imagery. Keep the skill level high as we all expect to sell our work(s), not just show others how careless we can be. Respectfully, - "


I've suppressed his name because flickr doesn't like fingerpointing and because I really don't want him to receive backlash hate mails and comments, but that did hurt and made me afraid to upload photos. I might be pms'ing and more sensitive than usual, I'll probably get over it soon enough, but when I read it I almost cried. And this is a "contact" that I have nearly zero contact with, because he hardly ever comments on any of my photos and has obviously never faved any. I hadn't talked to him in a while and he just sent me this mail.


[drama queen mode on]

So I'll just show my very mediocre and ordinary photos of my darling precious 88 butterflies down in the comment box.

And I'm sorry to burden you all with my low quality photos.

[/drama queen mode off]

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Taken on September 6, 2009