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Erruca Clearwing - Pseudoscada erruca | by AnnuskA  - AnnA Theodora
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Erruca Clearwing - Pseudoscada erruca

If you are interested, you can see another beautiful photo of the same butterfly here.


*ai ai*... today is going to be a busy day, and I'm kind of sick, not feeling too good. And tomorrow I'll play with the buuullll and the bear! Loves it, though those candles can drive one mad :P

And DJ is really aggravating sometimes... hmpf... I think it's got the "Down Syndrome". Got it, huh? Huh?


The voice >> Ha, Anna, you're so funny! Such a joker...


Hm, so, since I'm seemingly talking crazy, have you seen Lady Gaga's video for Bad Romance?

When I had first listened to the music, I had found the lyrics to be "Huh? What? No!" but then I saw the video and it all made sense and brought a whole new meaning to the title and the lyrics. Genius!!

Bad romance is about sexual slave traffic of women. She is "sprouted" in a "bath haus" from a monster coccoon bed, drugged, sold and then she kills her buyer. And there's so much concept in this video!!


What's with the vampire (real ones, not gold-glowying-under-the-sunlight-twilight-bs) music in the begining and in the end?


What's with the dog in the begining? The dog (Lucifer) is back?


What's with the golden cans?


Why did she get scared when the music stopped? Was she in a kind of matrix-kind-of-sleeping state and woke up to the horror world?


Why when she came out of the monster cocoon bed, she was super skinny with (fake) ribcage showing? I get why she was white though... I'm so smart! ^.^ hee hee...


Why the big huge eyes? Drugs? (love her crazy expressions by the way)


When she's Gollum freaky skinny... it's SO scary!! o.Ô In the minute 3:02 there's a snake on her hair!!! *double scariness!!*


Why the diamond curtain/rain?


My heart aches at the sight of those Christian Louboutin's shoes! *WANT*!! Though they say it's walkable, I wasn't convinced that it doesn't give cramps after ten steps wearing those! :P


Nemiroff? That's from Ukraine! That "Hostel" movie plot's took place in Slovakia, which is a neighbor country to Ukraine... does it mean that shady shady things happen around there? Tense! O.O


Notice the cross sign she makes at 3:18? Intense!


When did she get that gorgeous?!?! I mean, she is, but she's ridiculously gorgeous in the video!


Why oh why does she looks like Amy winehouse in the minutes 4:26 and 4:58?


Did you notice there's a fat dancer in the video? Cool!



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Taken on June 21, 2009