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Amphinome Red Cracker - Hamadryas amphinome

So, lets pretend I'm in the bestest of moods, shall we?

And I seriously can't think of a more perfect soundtrack than this one:


Randy Newman - Loverly Spring

Even the Lemony Snicket's Series Of Unforunate Events context fits. So awesome. Just the colors of this photo don't go all too well with the music's mood, it should be something more like the "Io non ho paura"'s colors, but we'll have to make do. It is, after all, a "lets believe" exercise anyway.


Bum-buttery bluebird is singing a tune

Daffa-do-dillies awake and in broom (sic)

Bursting in bloom, all the flowers assume

It's a loverly, loverly spring


Chit-chattery chipmunks all singing along

humming, they join in the sing-along song

Spring is the springiest time for a song

It's a loverly, loverly spring


In the forest we play with the rabbits all day,

the bees and the birdies and fishes

There's nary a care and there's spring in the air

The feeling is just too delicious


Bum-buttery buttercups all in a row

Trilling and frilling and stealing the show

May is the merriest month that I know

It's a loverly, loverly spring




Where's my mind? Yesterday night I was actually laughing while watching

Ode to Joy

And the Swedish Chef ^.^

I love to listen to Beaker singing... reminds me so much of... myself :P

He cracks me up when he sings "Feelings" and "Danny boy".

Gosh, I'm so silly, but I was needing some laughs ;P




Thanks Andy for dedicating his last upload to me :)


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Taken on April 12, 2009