Mass Effect 3 High Res Texture & Flycam

* These screenshots are for everyone to use, but I spend many hours taking, sorting and uploading these screenshots. Please credit me by providing a link to my collections. Something like this is fine: (x). when you use my screenshots. Thank you!
* All Mass Effect Screenshots Sets can be found at this link.

* CITADEL DLC Screenshots temporarily found here (click)

* Mods used can be found at: ME3 Texture Modders Group, Smartek's ME3 Texture Mods, JeanLuc761's Texture Mods, and Shepard Face customization explained here.
* There's a lot of jumping around in the order of the screenshots until after getting Garrus, and then a little more occasionally.
* All pictures taken at the highest quality possible and converted to lossless .jpg for size.
* If I didn't get a pic of something you need, reasonable requests taken via PM here.
* Paragon Femshep Vanguard Kaidan-Faithful.

* Playthrough still in progress. Completed so far: Everything through Rannoch, including N7 missions, Omega, From Ashes, Grunt, Jacob and Samara's missions, and Leviathan.
* Citadel DLC Screenshots temporarily found here
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