Mass Effect 1 Normal Texture

* These screenshots are for everyone to use, but I spend many hours taking, sorting and uploading these screenshots. Please credit me by providing a link to my collections. Something like this is fine: (x) when you use my screenshots. Thank you! :)

*All Mass Effect Sets

* More / better texture quality screenshots all very similar to these can be found in the High Quality and Flycam Mass Effect 1 set. You may want to look there first and then come back if you can't find what you're looking for, as these aren't quite as good in quality.

* This was a speedrun I did in about 10 hours of playtime. All that was done were the major planets (Eden Prime, Therum, Feros, Noveria, Vermire, and Ilos), and most, but not all things on the Citadel, plus Garrus's sidequest and the moon. That's it. I did the run in "typical" order, Therum -->Feros --> Noveria --> Vermire so that should help make finding things easier.

* Female Paragon Vanguard Kaidan Romance. Garrus and Liara used the most besides Kaidan.
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