Mass Effect 3

* These screenshots are for everyone to use, but I spend many hours taking, sorting and uploading these screenshots. Please credit me by providing a link to my collections. Something like this is fine: (x) when you use my screenshots. Thank you! :)
*All Mass Effect Sets

* First playthrough Redhead Shepard - Paragon Vanguard who's faithful to Kaidan. Everyone possible is alive, kept Kaidan with me & Garrus & Liara a lot. Everything complete including From Ashes, Leviathan & Extended cut. Pics from Destroy & later Synthesis ending, original and Extended Cut.

* Second Playthrough darker skin, black hair w/ponytail Shepard - Complete, including all DLC - Renegade, Ashley Alive, Garrus romance, Wrex dead, Mordin dead, betrayed the Krogan/Killed Padok Wiks, Eve died, Samara dead, Thane dead (Kirrahe saves Salarian councilor & dies), original council dead, Control ending, Extended Cut only.

* I'm also uploading video compilations to YouTube of various things, including a lot of Kaidan/Femshep stuff.
* Screenshots tagged by location, not people/detailed tags though.
* Reasonable requests taken via PM here or email.
* These screenshots do not use any texture mods. For screenshots with a much better look, taken with a better video card, try the ME3 High Res set.
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