Misc. ME1 & ME2 Screenshots
* All Mass Effect Sets
* These screenshots are for everyone to use, but I spend many hours taking, sorting and uploading these screenshots. Please credit me by providing a link to my collections. Something like this is fine: (x) when you use my screenshots. Thank you! :)

* Misc. Screenshots of varying quality of all the rest of my ME1 & ME2 Shepard playthroughs.
* There are a LOT of LotSB & Arrival screenshots here, both with some females with Liara friendship and my Liara-faithful male engineer.
* There are also quite a few Mass Effect 1 screenshots, and a few KotOR and NWN2 screenshots got mixed in. Oops.
* The male character uses the Frank Shepard Skin in Mass Effect 2. It can be found on masseffectsaves.com under the Headmorphs section. He's a paragon engineer, Liara-Faithful.
* Two of my female Shepards here are renegade so look for those pictures here, too.
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