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Consider visiting the rest of my Mass Effect Sets You'll find a lot of much higher quality screenshots in the other Mass Effect galleries.

I didn't have a very good system when I took these. Unfortunately, none of those are extensively tagged as these are.

* These screenshots are for everyone to use, but I spend many hours taking, sorting and uploading these screenshots. Please credit me by providing a link to my collections. Something like this is fine: (x) when you use my screenshots. Thank you! :)
The Mass Effect 2 Untagged set includes LotSB and Arrival pictures. The High Texture and Flycam Set looks the best and contains flycam pics from a playthrough of the entire game.

Please check for more information on these screenshots. For all your Mass Effect saves needs & other Mass Effect related news, mods & information visit!

If you see anything mistagged, please comment so I can fix it. Feel free to comment on any of them anyway! Feel free to use for whatever you'd like and please spread the word around your favorite Mass Effect communities!

Search by tags or multitags to find something specific. Non-squad members are not named unless they're really important or voiced by someone famous. Searching by race, location and/or mission should get you to about anyone you want to see.This is an alphabetized list of all keywords!

Squad Members & other major characters can be found by searching for their first name or the name they're most well known by. (Kaidan, Joker, Wrex, Jack etc.) N7 Missions are by Planet or Station name.

I suggest viewing by slideshow once you find the screenshots you'd like to see. here is a slideshow of those I have tagged as the best screenshots.

I have attempted to get screenshots of everyone with speaking roles or are mentioned by someone else. (Incidental conversations as you're running by may not count.) Every scene I've completed should be fairly well documented.

Check out AtomicSpaceCat's Mass Effect 1 collection for more ME1 screenshots!
Also, Sombrerotron's ME2 Screencaps!

The screenshots with the redhead female Shepard are from a Kaidan-faithful female Vanguard Paragon Shepard (Annakie Shepard, downloadable in both ME1 and ME2 form on the site.) Garrus is her BFF so there are a lot of Garrus pictures uploaded.

Also, these really aren't the best quality, sorry. I didn't have a great video card when these were taken. Screenshots in the other gallery are better, but these still have their uses. :)

The screenshots with the dark-skinned female Shepard (coming soon) are a mostly renegade Sentinel Shepard who Sacrificed Kaidan on Virmire (and hates herself and Ashley for it) and romanced Jacob. Most of her companions in missions are humans. All aliens but Morinth are dead, Legion and Grunt never in the squad.
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