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This is the main page for all of my Mass Effect and related project screenshot sets.

*NEW SET* ME3 Hi-Res 2016!

The screenshots are for everyone to use, for whatever you'd like. Edits, icons, refrences, whatever you want them for, they're here for it! You do not need to ask permission to use anything here! But....

I spend many hours taking, sorting and uploading these screenshots. Please credit me by providing a link to my collections (this page, that you're on, right now) when you use my screenshots. Something like this is fine: (x).

If you want to be more specific in your crediting, that's fantastic, too. But as long as there's an (x), I'm happy! :) I won't like come after you or anything if you don't, but it really is appreciated if you could be awesome and help me spread the word about these screenshots by just taking a few seconds to make the credit-link. Thank you!

The pictures in "Mass Effect Edits" and "Mass Effect Secret Santa" must be explicitly credited with a linkback to the specific picture, as these are pictures and edits and not general screenshots.

Thank you, and enjoy! :)

(ps If I happen see something you made with my screenshots posted on tumblr and the credit link is included, I'm more likely to queue them to fuckyeahbioware, as I'm one of the mods there. I don't see or queue everything, though, so this isn't a promise.)

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Mass Effect 2 - Tagged

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