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Etea-GrayBox1 | by Annakie
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Exquisite tea received this gift from Space Racist. Here's what the letter read...


Commander Shepard,


Miranda relayed me the after-action report of you work on Bekenstein. Donovan Hock was no friend to Cerberus, so needless to say I'm pleased with your permanent solution to the matter. Kasumi's loyalty is also now assured, which is no small reward considering the magnitude of the threat we face. Bringing you back nearly bankrupted Cerberus, but the investment is already paying dividends. Excellent job, Shepard.


Moreover, Miranda informed me of your decision to let Kasumi keep Keiji's graybox intact - I can't express my relief at your discretion in the matter. Information is obviously one of our greatest commodities in this war for survival, and that graybox contains potentially damning information about the Alliance = information that, if used wisely, could prove vital to leveraging the Alliance's assistance when the time comes to strike back against the reapers. With that in mind, I directed Miranda to covertly obtain the memory core from the graybox for analysis by Cerberus personnel. Based on a preliminary scan of the memory core, EDI was able to formulate a replacement core containing a reasonable facsimile of Keiji's memories. We're hopeful that Kasumi won't notice if Keiji appears...dumber than she remembered.

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Taken on December 22, 2010