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Etea-M&Ms | by Annakie
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Exquisite tea received this gift from Space Racist. Here's what the letter read...


You've displayed a considerable degree of mental fortitude previously with your experience with the Prothean beacon, but our engineers expressed concern for your mental health while using the device. Given the events of Project Overlord on Aite (combined with the half-dozen deaths of Cerberus engineers to brain hemorrhages while constructing the device), I was inclined to agree, especially given the amount of data contained within the core - you have enough threats to deal with between the collectors and the reapers, and we don't want to add to that burden. Our medical staff recommended carbohydrate-rich supplement capsules to enhance mental performance, which we've tentatively named 'M&M's' (though the staff originally wanted to call them 'mentats,' they relented upon the realization that the name infringed on not one, but two other fictional universes). Should the supply of included 'M&M's' not be sufficient, we've forwarded formulation instructions to Dr. Solus.


As always, Shepard, all of Cerberus is behind you. Godspeed.


Illusive Man

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Taken on December 23, 2010