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Doctor Reynolds made this e-gift of an original comic for Rinkles. Rinkles made the following news story to go along with it..



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Who Herds the Shepards?


Yesterday I was handed confidential information from a brave source, a certain Doctor Reynolds (no doubt an operational alias). In it a shattering revelation about the infamous Shepard family! The informant clearly in a hurry to leak what is perhaps the greatest scandal since Blasto was revealed to be a remote controlled recruiting gimmick, chose to forgo formal protocol lingo to give the everyman a distinct understanding of the nepotistic corruption comfortably rooted in Alliance Military ranks everyday.


The juicy gist of it all: Commander Shepard may have not been, as we have all been told, the one responsible for the ultimate elimination of the collector threat (this information also suggests the prior so called "Kerberos Leak" may in fact have been a form of tightly controlled alliance propaganda. How deep does the Shepard hole go?). Rather we now have quite irrefutable evidence that it was in fact an entirely different person, alliance captain Hannah Shepard, the controversial mother of the Commander Shepard. Yes, it's just as disgusting as it sounds.


In a move that lays bare the audacity, rampant disregard for formal procedure and the unconstraint with which the monarchic family breaks not only fundamental military rules but the most basics of decencies, the Shepards have hoodwinked us all once again. We have confirmation that captain Shepard hamstrung her subordinates under threat of court martial, with no regard for the safety of her tax payer afforded crew and ship, into entering the Omega 4 Relay to pulverize the collector mother ship. That is, NOT, as we have been told on numerous occasions, by the valiant heroism of commander Shepard. This also reveals the unashamed exaggeration of the collector threat by commander Shepard, as it was taken care of by a single laser blast from a medium sized Alliance star ship. This is no surprise given her record of past fantastic imaginations (Read our Exclusive interview with the Turian Council member: "It may as well have been a giant purple blimp.")

We will not drop this investigation until we are certain the lives of our proud and deserving servicemen are out of the hands of the likes of the Sheapards, militaristic megalomaniacs that unscrupulously place their own opportunistic careers above the well-being of the troops and officers they unworthingly command.


More coverage as the news breaks.


Khalisah al-Jilani


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Taken on December 20, 2010