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Baggins' Letter | by Annakie
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Baggins' Letter

Baggins was given a Cerberus Internship, delivered to him through agent magimix. Read the letter, below.


Cerberus Operative Internship


"Maximize your optimal potentiality"


Dear (Agent Baggins)

We thank you once again for expressing a discrete interest in our new internship program. I am pleased to inform you thet your references have been verified, your vouch confirms your bona fides, and your security evaluation has been successful. With these preliminary steps in hand, you are no entitled to further information about the program you are being inducted into. While you will in due course be sent a fully specified briefing, in this letter I will provide a short summary of the internship program, and also the projet that is being offered to you.


Operative Internship


Cerberus is a dynamic, and quickly evolving organization that always has an eye for new talent; the Operative Internship program was created to provide exciting opportunities for those interested in furthering the interests of humanity, through espionage, research, and technology. As an operative intern, you will be assigned a secondary project to manage and steer to completion. You will enjoy a modest degree of autonomy, and limited access to Cerberus resource.

The duration of the internship is determined by the life-cycle of the project itself. Upon delivery, if the project is judged to have met expectations, you will be offered full operative status. However, if the assigned project is judged to have failed to meet expectations, your internship will be terminated accordingly.

The project that will form the core of your internship originates from the Cerberus Public/Private Initiative. The overarching goal of this initiative is to explore synergies that may be available by combining knowledge, resources, and technology from private Cerberus research divisions, and public cover corporations. Pursuant to this, it is felt there may be good dividends obtained through a combination of technology and IP from Cerberus' Combat AI Research Division and 'cover corporation' HappyFunCo's new range of building-blocks - TeknoBricks.


"Self-assembling TeknoBrick Combat Mechs"


In high-level terms, the primary delivery requirement is a working prototype of an autonomous combat mechanoid that can self-assemble from TeknoBrick-brand building blocks. Note that while the scope of the requirement dos not cover matters pertaining to large-scale manufacture and deployment, the prototype must exhibit combat readiness upon assembly. Bearing in mind the risks that may be associated with this project, the requirements catalog will also include the following:


* That unit control algorithms be restricted to combat VI, as opposed to combat AI.

* That project personnel casualty rates be kept below 30% rated manpower allocation per fiscal quarter.

* That civilian testing, if judged necessary, be restricted to non-humans only.



While the project is not fully resourced at this time, enclosed with this package is a quantity of 'seed money' that you are encouraged to begin basic research and analysis with, prior to formal commencement. It is expected that when the project launches, you will have completed an analysis of requirements, and produced a project plan.


On a more personal note, it is my hope that this induction augurs well for a long and fruitful career with Cerberus. However, to reiterate, do be aware that Cerberus expects results - consistent failure to meet your S.M.A.R.T. objectives may result in extraordinary reassignment.

If you have any further queries, please forward them to the pre-assigned dead-drop location, pusuant to security guidelines.


Yours faithfully,


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Taken on December 16, 2010