two twenty four: Lady Madonna, lying on the bed, listen to the music playing in your head

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"Tuesday afternoon is never ending.
Wednesday morning papers didnt come.
Thursday night you stockings needed mending.
See how they run.

Lady madonna, children at your feet.
Wonder how you manage to make ends meet." ~ Paul McCartney

Oh, how I love Paul. Seriously, I doubt I will ever marry again since I am holding out for him. Yep, only Sir Paul will do.

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  1. Loca Luna / Anna Gay 66 months ago | reply

    Okay, the fact that construction began on your house in 1750 (SEVENTEEN FIFTY!??!?) makes me love you even more than I already did. If you let me come stay with you for a weekend, I'll make sure that you get a private tour of the Nolan House, k? :)

  2. dsmphoto [deleted] 66 months ago | reply

    What about me? Don't I get to go along and play? And what about Heather , can't she come and play, too?

  3. Loca Luna / Anna Gay 66 months ago | reply

    A couple of things:

    1) David - of course you and Heather can come with, but you guys have seen the Nolan House already. I was just extending some Southern hospitality to Susan!

    2) David - I'm a little hesitant to invite Heather because she is going to fight me for Paul. She is a squeaky peach, but I am sure she would fight dirty if it came down to it. I actually met her at the Paul concert in August and she was quite threatening!

  4. _mandrew_ 66 months ago | reply

    I suppose I could brush up on my Liverpool accent... But then again, I'd still be missing the massive fortune. Oh well...

    I love the stockings, but something about the reflection on your hair is making me all woozy.

  5. just call me Mr Lucky 66 months ago | reply

    PAul is a rare one, for sure.. So are you.

  6. djdphotos 66 months ago | reply

    i think i like you more than his last wife...

    damn you heather... DAMN YOU TO HELL!!!

    one of me favorite b-sides by the beatles.
    love the shot BTW :-)

  7. JordyR 66 months ago | reply

    This really is such a lovely shot Anna!! Lovely!!

  8. CR Artist 66 months ago | reply

    beautiful photo!

  9. insatiable73 66 months ago | reply

    Thank you know I am your newest fan!

    Can't wait to see tomorrow!

  10. LittleRedCera 66 months ago | reply

    Very nice image. My sister-in-law is waiting for Paul too. My brother is her place holder.

  11. Loca Luna / Anna Gay 66 months ago | reply

    Hahah awwww...I think he meant the OTHER Heather, as in Heather Mills!? I'm a little confused now, but I think that's what he meant.

    I've recently started referring to psycho ex wives (or any psycho ex's in general) as "Heather Mills Jr." She is the ultimate psycho ex!!!!

  12. SophieG* 66 months ago | reply

    This is gorgeous. Sorry you aren't well. I think Paul is only fishing in the pond of his peers these days, though he might be tempted to dye his hair maroon again for someone as utterly lovely as you.

  13. Arieseffects 66 months ago | reply

    Beautiful shot. I love the lighting, shadows and wardrobe choice!

  14. kharied 66 months ago | reply

    love the texture of the fishnets - so clear and full of awesome!

  15. ben matthews ::: 66 months ago | reply

    you always have the most exquisite jewellery miss gay.

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  16. Kezzaroo 66 months ago | reply

    Anna how i love thee let me count the ways :D x i adore the tones in this shot, smashing pool of light!

  17. critically terryble 66 months ago | reply

    such a deep picture I can totally feel the emotion behind it

  18. Aqua Libra 65 months ago | reply

    very fragile....

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