New Camera

It's a USSR antique camera , a Fed 3 . It's from the year 1963 , though i'm not sure because i could not find a exact year just a general one . Though i don't think i'm going to use it for my photography class ,because i like the Zenit 11 better i think . I got this from my Grandma she was on vacation in Zhamblye for a month or so . She got me it because i asked her to get me a old Film SLR , a antique wolf figurine and some Turkish coffee( i like coffee and i coudn't think of anything else for my Grandma to get me when she asked ) . She could not find anything with wolves though she did get me some antique figurine something with a fish i think , my grandma didn't have enough time to unpack everything yet .I think i'll try out my new camera later with my own film , because the Fed is different from my Zenit . What i kinda surprises me is that i never thought i would have 2 old film SLRs from the USSR :)

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Taken on October 7, 2008