Kingston University Foundation Application
I love how art can be a portrayal of influences: from a young age my family have shown an interest in art which has influenced and bred my passion. I am thrilled at the thought of studying with people who will criticise and influence my own work. My focus in art borderlines obsession and I have a basis of knowledge from studying A level art which I want to expand. I am always keen to experiment with new mediums am quick to add a personal flare to these creations whilst still discovering and pushing the boarders of my own style. The aspect of history of art that is offered at Kingston is interesting to me as I love to learn about context of artists and how it influences them.

I relish recreating my perception and interpretation of the subject through different mediums. I am interested to learn from other artists and students’ methods of working as to build on my style and knowledge. Portraiture speaks to me in a way that no other art does and I find the human subject endlessly fascinating, poignant, joyful and relevant. This is where I lean toward most in a pathway for art however; I am still experimenting in the mediums I enjoy most. Painting and sketching are where my talents predominantly lie and I often create work such as this and will continue these works on the course however, I also have the determination and skill to explore new areas of art and try different mediums.

This year I did a short film story board for a London based film-maker. The artist’s job as the documentarian of the director’s vision interpreted into an industrially accepted form was a fascinating process that I had not experienced before. It’s an area that pushes you to think visually under a rigid constraint, in this case, the camera frame. I enjoyed the challenge of creating what the director wished to see and in relation to future plans I would love to go on to aspects of media such as Film. I love any aspect of creation and would love to be an independent artist or work for an job including creative ideas and editing as I discovered through being a committed member of our school’s award winning magazine ‘Independent Women’ and love the creative design aspect of the work.
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