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18 things about me | by Aทท ♥
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18 things about me

18, because I had my 18th birthday last Saturday. :)


1 • I hate being alone in darkness. I'm really afraid of ghosts (yea, ghosts!) and things like that... If I were left alone in a dark forest, OR what's more frightening: in a dark cemetery, I think I would die.

2 • I'm always honest. You would think it's good, but believe me, sometimes it isn't.

3 • I like autumn only because then I can kick up the leaves fallen on the ground. It just makes me feel so good.

4 • If the bus comes at 16:30, I'm really not the one who stands at the bus stop at 16:15. I'm the one who arrives at 16:31...and misses it. Always! :P

5 • I'm dreaming about a room with purple walls.

6 • You can never give me enough of roasted chestnut!

7 • I love falling asleep with moonlight shining on my bed.

8 • I'm a typical girl: doesn't matter if I'm just back from shopping, I never have enough clothes...!

9 • I'm happy only when everyting happens the way I've planned.

10 • I like watching people and imagining their lives.

11 • I leave everything I should do for the last moment.

12 • I really like singing and dancing - but only if no one hears/watches me.

13 • I would like to say I like reading, but the truth is that usually I get bored of books after some pages.

14 • I would be the happiest girl in the world if I got a dog or a cat. They are sooo cute!

15 • I love watching the sky, especially at summer nights. I'm always searching for Cassiopeia and Orion, and I'm happy when I see a shooting star and I can wish for something. Stars are just so beautiful...and we're so small...

16 • I like listening to music on my iPod while walking home. It calms me down and makes me smile.

17 • When I'm bored at school, I draw hearts and flowers in my books and notebooks. I know, how creative...


18 • I don't care I'm 18, I still like my teddy bears, and I don't want to grow up!! :)


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Taken on September 27, 2008