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we have love and peace

be jealous! isn't she amazingly beautiful. wow girl. :D anyways that camera i have in hand is pretty much what i use nowadays. i love it.


so i got tagged again! how is this possible! i don't have THAT much about me to do another 10 facts! yeah ian you hear that?!

anyways here i go again. i have no idea what to write.


1: i went to a baseball game with a newish friend, julia. it was fun and freezing. her cousin was playing. he's pretty handsome! but i don't like guys who play sports or more like obsess over sports...

2 i'm getting my hair cut this coming wednesday.

3 i'm actually going to do some for real photoshoots coming up. i usually just take pictures of things around me and plan nothing. but someone suggested i do some planned work. so i'm going to try!

4 i've realized i have had an easy life. i feel bad about it sometimes.

5 if you don't know. I LOVE FILM SO MUCH. gah. i can't shoot digital. it makes my bones revolt.

6 i don't like the coloring in this picture ^ it came out weird. i mean i think it's okay. but... yeah haha

7 i usually only post sooc. just because.

8 i... hm... am... going to community college fall 2010. i'm excited!

9 i entered 10 of my photographs in an art festival. it's coming up soonish (: i can't wait to see everyone elses work!

10 i have 2 older brothers, 1 older sister and 2 younger brothers.


i don't feel like adding this to groups right now. i'm too lazy. :P maybe tomorrow.


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