William Hall Sailing & Harbour Scenes
William J Hall (1877-1951) and his father, William Frederick Hall, both worked as photographers in Sydney in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The extensive collection of their images contains portraits, places and many sailing scenes.
Despite not being a sailing man himself, William J Hall, in a tradition that his father started, took to the water each weekend to capture the vessels, sailors and spectators that converged on Sydney Harbour for the weekend racing carnivals. He became a fixture on the harbour, expertly handling his camera despite the rough and wet conditions as his motor boat wove through the competitive vessels. Each Monday Hall would display his photographs in his shopfront window, becoming a regular attraction as people crowded to see the images and discuss the weekend’s races. If you can help us identify any people, places or vessels please provide your imformation in the comments box. Thank you and enjoy looking through these fabulous photographs!

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