Danish feminism

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    "We demand: respect, equal wages and orgasms."

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    1. svanes 110 months ago | reply

      and rightly so.

    2. fanniebl 93 months ago | reply

      What is the organism behind the poster? (sorry about my lack of culture!)

    3. jessicavalenti 93 months ago | reply

      um...this is amazing.

    4. yami mcmoots 93 months ago | reply

      Enhedslisten is a left-wing political party: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red-Green_Alliance_(Denmark)

    5. closethipster 92 months ago | reply

      freaking awesome.

    6. hujo27 [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Feminists demonizing men as disrespectful, inadequate, discriminators??? How shocking.

      PS.The idea that... "Women earn 70 cents to the dollar as the result of male discrimination" Is a manipulation achieved by comparing general incomes of all men and women in society. It conveniently ignores, education, experience, regional markets, over time, and POSITION HELD.

      It just goes to show how institutionalized feminism is, and how much feminism has negatively stereotyped men, when a this glib sound bite can be used to see men falsely labeled as discriminators over the results of peoples free choices, and be used to advocate granting women privilege. What a blatant hate movement feminism is.





    7. svanes 80 months ago | reply

      hujo27: it must feel great lurking around flickr, leaving inane, unsolicited, and out of context comments such as your's, all in the name of vanquishing feminism. my grandmother (who was a longtime member of one of the first feminist organisations in denmark) would have loved to have spent some time with you.

      btw, the message in the image above is delivered with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

    8. hujo27 [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Ain't freedom of expression a bitch? Out of context? I don't think so. Oh, so it's actually mocking feminism's hatred, lies and stereotypes about men?

      An end to feminism only means the beginning of true equality.

    9. puddaholic 80 months ago | reply

      Frankly, I don't see there is anything demonizing men in either the image above or any of the comments. Which kind of takes the bite out of your comment, hujo27. And the demand for equal wages is most often referring to the fact (and you can check this as much as you like) that men and women in equal positions, with equal levels of education, are frequently not recieving the same wages. Not, as you state, the general average of income regardless of position held.

      (And thank you, svanes. I think I would have liked to spend some time with your grandmother myself)

    10. hujo27 [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Feminists saying men are disrespectful and sexually inadequate is a demonisation, a stereotype. If men were not already demonised to the point that our culture condemns misogyny while it celebrates misandry, that would be an obvious no brainer.

      I have done the research, I guess you didnt research the above articles? There are many flawed and manipulated stats that ignore all the above variables to tell the feminist story about women’s wage oppression, but lets see this current research you speak of?

      Here is the most current I am aware of, quoted on a biased site, but you can research the hard data given the references provided.

      "According to a new study by Allianz, a mammoth-sized financial-services firm, women in that year will control 60% of US wealth (Allianz news release displayed below). Here are the other critical Allianz findings:


      * Today there are one-third more women graduating from college than men.
      * Women's median income has increased 60%+ over the past thirty years, while men's median income has hardly increased at all.
      * The number of women earning $100,000+ has quadrupled in last decade.
      * Sixty percent of women with business degrees outearn their husbands.
      * Women account for half of all stock-market investors.

      Where's this wealth coming from? Here are five common sources of female wealth:

      * Wages, business earnings, and investments
      * Family inheritance
      ** Becoming widowed at a young age
      ** Lucrative divorce settlements, alimony, and child support
      ** Being wined, dined, vacationed, and bejeweled during the dating process."

      I would like to ask gramma if the feminist goal was women's equality or women's supremacy.

      It's not about rolling back clocks or putting women down, it's about equal consideration for both genders (there are two) and how that's prevented by FEMinism being the institutionalized authority on gender.

    11. svanes 80 months ago | reply

      yo, hujo, have you ever considered the fact that it might just be that there are many women who simply are smarter than most men?

      furthermore, i think it's very likely that women do better in school than men for a variety of reasons that have nothing to do with feminism or the so-called discrimination against men...

      women have had to assert themselves more over the years, thus developing better coping mechanisms which also allow them to adept better to our rapidly changing times, while many men find themselves in a world where the skills and competencies that men have traditionally been adept at (such as manufacturing and management) are now outdated and out of demand. these things have nothing to do with a feminist agenda.... these are simply the shortcomings of men.

      besides, i'd be more than willing to let strong women lead... men have fucked up this world for a long time, too long. : )

    12. hujo27 [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      What naked hatred!

      All men are stupid and evil and corrupt? You've proven your self to be a supremacist.

      Its funny how you only see the negatives about men and the positives about women, funny how you only consider the reasons women are doing better while you simply write boys off as the stupid sex. It's as if you've bought into the half truth about gender sold to you by a powerful hate mongering ideology or something. You are the product of feminism.

      You do know know that men in power are a enormously small % of men? Don't you? Or has feminism convinced you that all men are a part of our governments, That all people within the government are men and that every member of the government is corrupt?? You do see how men are the ones dying and the only ones that will be drafted as the result of corrupt wars waged by the elite?

      You do realize many men are the heads of charities, men are anti war activists, men are the ones creating laws that protect women, that men in power were the ones granting gramma her equal right all those decades ago? You do know virtually ever single thing, product/service you use in your day to day life was created and manufactured by men?

      No you've been blinded by hatred.

      As the equal women of this gen were taught they had to assert them selfs, men have been shamed degraded stereotyped and taught that they are evil oppressors, advantaged over women. Also our family courts favor mothers and men work longer hours, teachers are a vast majority of women leaving boys with little role models other than the inferior idiot portrayals of men on TV. While we've been telling women they can do anything, we've been teaching boys they are the evil stupid sex. We've been raising women up and putting men down.

      Its very obvious your goal is women's supremacy and you are very much a product of your generation just like the boy that doesn't think he is smart enough for university.

      Management and manufacturing are out of date? Riiight.

      I do not belive women will do any better or worse than men,
      Margret thatcher also liked to drop bombs and look at Hillary shes taking money from medical insurance companies, and lying through her teeth for power, her lies are not spun in the name of god, but the name of woman.

    13. svanes 80 months ago | reply

      dude... stand in front of the mirror, take a good look at yourself, ask yourself "do i really want to be a troll?"

      then leave the computer and go outside and get a life. : )

    14. hujo27 [deleted] 80 months ago | reply

      Troll is what people with closed minds call someone with a different opinion, Its very transparent. Do I really want to have an open mind and an opinion unlike feminist haters? Hell yes.

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