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    Pictured above are some of the video games being researched for the Feminist Frequency video series Tropes vs Women in Video Games.

    **Note: Not all of the games that will be analyzed or discussed in the Tropes vs Women in Video Games series are pictured here. We still have more games to get for all systems. Obviously, we also have a good number of games acquired via Steam, PSN and XBLM.

    So far we’ve purchased over 300 games for this project. As of now we can play games from the following systems: SNES, Gamecube, Wii, PS2, PS3, PS Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, iPad, OSX. We are also looking to acquire a 3DS XL when it becomes available next month.

    Backers be sure to check the Kickstarter page for an update on the project's progress!

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    1. Aetheric Mechanic [deleted] 21 months ago | reply

      That is an excellent collection.

      Some more that would lend themselves well to such a study, in my opinion at least, based upon the tropes you're looking at in the project:

      - Any BioWare game, including the Dragon Age and Mass Effect series, which I see that you have, as well as Jade Empire and Knights of the Old Republic
      - The original 2 Fallout games in addition to 3 and New Vegas
      - The Command & Conquer series, especially Red Alert 3 or the recent Tiberium Wars ones
      - The Elder Scrolls series, from Morrowind through Skyrim
      - Any of the Grand Theft Auto games, especially San Adreas and IV
      - The Hitman games, specifically Blood Money
      - Valve's games like Portal and Half Life (and I do see that you do have a Steam account)
      - Psychonauts
      - Dreamfall: The Longest Journey
      - Sims 3
      - Syberia
      - Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines
      - Zeno Clash
      - System Shock 2
      - Bastion
      - Deus Ex: Human Revolution
      - Beyond Good and Evil
      - BloodRayne series
      - The Witcher 1 and 2
      - Saints Row 2 and the Third
      - Star Wars: Jedi Knight series

    2. aerothorn 21 months ago | reply

      Anita -

      It worries me a little that you're excluding the Windows PC as a platform. There are many game types that more or less don't appear on consoles, and the porting to OSX is still limited. I realize your study cannot be all-inclusive (you only have so much time) but at the same time you are focusing on tropes in video games as a whole, and I'd hate to see some branch or genre that used signifiticantly different tropes (or didn't use some at all) unfairly clumped in with its peers. Specifically, simulations (of any sort - flight, historical, wargames, etc) usually only appear on the PC. Also, at the end of the day, consoles often have a different target audience, particularly the big-budget games displayed in your picture. I suppose part of my point is that I've encountered problematic tropes at a much higher frequency in console games than in PC games.

      That said, if they aren't already on your list, definitely check out The Longest Journey and its sequel, Dreamfall. Many people I know consider these games to have the best female protagonists in gaming, and it'd be interesting to see how they fit into the larger framework.

    3. markito_1992 21 months ago | reply

      You're beautiful, please keep doing what you do. The world needs it

    4. Just.Rayna 21 months ago | reply

      I CAN'T WAIT!!!
      I almost wish you could do a video for every game you get to try, but alas, that would be a little bit much, huh?

    5. akama1_lego 21 months ago | reply

      Looking at the % breakdown, I would guess you prefer Xbox over PS3 . Best of luck on your work, and remember to go outside and enjoy the sun once in a while, that many games may be dangerous for your health.

      One Question, with games where you pick your gender (skyrym, dark souls, fallout's etc), will you choose random sex, or play as both to see if the gameplay is different if you play as a Female or Male?

    6. Samantha_Pherret 21 months ago | reply

      Hmm, I think you wanted to buy a ton of games :p Because some of those I don't think will have what you're looking for. I do know lots of those games will have sterotypes against women, so you'll get that much information. You should put down a list of the games you have cause I'd love to play them too! I'm gonna go play some of the ones I have in there and see if I can pick things out too ^_^

    7. Joeyboots2011 21 months ago | reply

      Super Mario Galaxy 2 is very, very sexist. You should just not even play that and send it to me.

    8. esSarah 20 months ago | reply

      Wow, I count 160 something games. Lets assume an average of 50 hours playtime each its about 8000 hours... if you play fulltime like a job (8 to 5, five days a week) that's about four and a half years. How will you do that?

    9. twentyninerooks 20 months ago | reply

      Ms. Sarkeesian, I cannot see whether "Metroid: Other M" is in that stack. I think it should be, being that Samus Aran is probably the biggest female protagonist in video games, and I would very much like to hear your take on how she was portrayed in that game. Also, the "Suikoden" games are likely the best example of gender equality that I have found in gaming. Suikoden III for the PS2 being a good example, as the player can actually choose who becomes the main protagonist, between two males and one female. The female actually being the knight, wearing the heaviest armor, and having the highest military rank.

    10. wow392 20 months ago | reply

      $150,000 going to video games and web video production

      this money is not going to any organizations to help stop things like child abuse, animal abuse, fighting hunger and slavery in third world countries or anything like that.

      This money is going to a girl who is going to play video games and over analyze them.

      I hope every one of you morons who donated to her feel ashamed of yourselves.

    11. myfreeweb 20 months ago | reply

      $billions are going to people like Mitt Romney.

      this money is not going to any organizations to help stop things like child abuse, animal abuse, fighting hunger and slavery in third world countries or anything like that.

    12. DamiansDollhouse 19 months ago | reply

      You know what would be cool? If after all the games are beaten/played through or whatever they're auctioned off or sold on ebay and the money is given to a womens domestic abuse place or something

    13. I.Grimm [deleted] 18 months ago | reply

      Anita, I FULLY support you in all your endeavors. I can't believe how everyone COMPLETELY ignores the sexism in our media and society and how THEY NEVER SEEM to talk about in PRESENT tense! Anyways, I just wanted to put in my two cents!

    14. greatberrier 18 months ago | reply

      How about Bayonetta? Seems like 'ironic sexism' in video game form; or at least an attempt at it. It may just be plain old sexism (or at least bizarre sexism).

    15. wongnorth 18 months ago | reply

      Umm can I have some games? :)

      I'd never be able to afford that many games!

    16. xyjames1488 17 months ago | reply

      I can't help but hope that you don't over trivialize some of these games female characters. I have watched your YouTube videos and you're overly critical with a lot of your opinions.

      At the very least I am very interested if you would do a secondary research project in the tropes that the gaming industry creates for males. If you were willing to do this, I may put aside my opinions and donate to your Kickstarter (If it is still going.)

    17. cousinfrance1 15 months ago | reply

      Hi, this is linked to the Feminist Film in Milwaukee Pinterest Page

    18. Asian_Gamer 15 months ago | reply

      that awkward moment of nerdy win when you know every one of those games in the picture

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