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You know you're obsessed when... | by AniredaDolls
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You know you're obsessed when...

Family is now complete, but who knows in october :D


From the left to the right:


Navy - Minifee Mirwen Tan A-Line

Rin - Minifee Rin Normal M-Line

Samantha - Minifee Ante Tan M-Line

Nöel - Minifee Rheia Tan A-Line

Enrrill - Minifee Woosoo Vampire Elf Boy Tan M-Line

Deanne - Minifee Chloe Tan A-Line

Chienne - Minifee Celine Mod Tan M-Line

Grace - Minifee Risse Normal M-Line

Dana - Minifee Liria Normal M-Line

Farah - Minifee Sarang Normal M-Line

Layla - Minifee Chloe Normal M-Line

Aana - Minifee Luka Mod Tan M-Line

Elsa - Minifee Luka Tan A-Line

Eidi - Minifee Celine Tan M-Line

Gaia - Minifee Juri 08 Normal M-Line

Amber - Minifee Soo Dark Elf Normal A-Line

Kelly - Minifee Juri 13 Normal A-Line

Alekai - Minifee Sarang 15 Muscular boy Normal A-Line

Nick - Minifee Karsh Tan Muscular boy A-Line

Ebur - Minifee Juri 10 Normal A-Line

Cupcake - Minifee Sonny head hybrid dreamingdoll body

Deva - Minifee Liria Tan M-Line

Erikur - Minifee Siean non-muscular boy A-Line

Bambi - Minifee Juri 11 Normal A-Line

Weidie - Minifee Celine Mod Normal A-Line

Shine - Minifee NF Normal A-Line


BTW all of them are LEGIT, recast it is something out of our dictionary ^^


*This photo is property of "Anireda Dolls". All rights reserved.


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Taken on September 17, 2015