IARD 07 - Chile
"The march started in one of the most crowded places in the centre of Santiago, with the participation of about 200 or 300 activists. The focus of this IARD activity was the campaign to close a research centre owned by Universidad Católica, where in these moments about 80 capuchine monkeys are kept. We walked marched there giving the message to the peasants, while many of them showed their support to the struggle.

During the march the participants showed their energy, force and anger that drives us all to campaign for animals and advocates animal rights, sending the message of the freedom animals must have, without being property of anyone and with the goal of reaching a status of respect for all species in our planet.

After almost an hour marching, we arrived at the Universidad Católica, place where speeches were given and a candlelit vigil in the entrance of the faculty where the monkeys are kept.

This was the best IARD activity done here, every year it becomes stronger!"

David Gomez,
CDA (Chile).

More pictures etc at: www.fotolog.com/c__d__a

For more information about International Animal Rights Day and the Universal Declaration of Animal's Rights see: www.uncaged.co.uk/declarat.htm