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    Everett adopted a Detroit Zoo wolverine for me for Valentine's Day last year. The zoo's "Wildlife Preservers" adoption package came with a cute stuffed wolverine that we named Winchell.

    Detroit's wolverines produced 2 kits in 2005, who were fondly nicknamed Bucky and Sparty by the zookeepers. At the time, there were only 77 wolverines in captivity in North America, and Aggie's litter was the only pair of surviving kits that year--and Detroit's first surviving wolverine kits ever. Their official names are now Tamarack and Tilia.

    1. srah 86 months ago | reply

      I don't remember seeing wolverines at the Detroit Zoo before! It's so cute.

    2. kseyama 86 months ago | reply

      It is cute. I hate to admit it, but until now I had thought that wolverines were a made up creature, like the chupacabra.

    3. jenny murray 86 months ago | reply

      I love wolverines. When I was in fifth grade, the DNR brought a wolverine to a school assembly. They had a big garbage can filled with shredded newspaper and the wolverine kept diving, exuberantly, in and out of the can, making a huge mess of the newspaper. It was pretty fantastic.

    4. srah 86 months ago | reply

      I'm glad they renamed the kits!

    5. briankerr 86 months ago | reply

      Who would win in a fight, a wolverine or a chupacabra? Standard rules apply (unarmed, knee deep in mud)

    6. anikarenina 86 months ago | reply

      *blank look*

      What's a chupacabra?

    7. anikarenina 86 months ago | reply

      Chupacabras must be mythical; I can't think of anything on the fossil record that's remotely close. ;-)

      Well, even if wolverines might seem mythical to some, there was actually a sighting of a wolverine in the wild somewhere in the thumb region of the state in relatively recent history.

    8. srah 86 months ago | reply

      There was one in The X-Files, so it must be real.

      (Right? Right? Oh.)

    9. briankerr 86 months ago | reply

      I never saw a damn wolverine on the X-Files -- enough of your ohio lies

    10. srah 86 months ago | reply

      That one was on X-Men.

    11. annelivia 79 months ago | reply

      How lovely to read about the wolverines in your zoo. It's one of the endangered species of Finland as well.

      I'm using Flickr to aid with my studyin for my mammal exam, thanks for helping with that.

    12. Megalictis 74 months ago | reply

      That is a beautiful picture! I collect wolverine images as art references and it is extremely rare to find a close up, well lit facial view. Many thanks!

    13. reflets de vert 71 months ago | reply

      Glad to hear that this animal is protected.

    14. farlane 49 months ago | reply

      Hey Andrea, I blogged this to gulo gulo: The Wolverine and Why Michigan is the Wolverine State. There's a link there to a story and video of Michigan's wild wolverine, which was found dead recently.

      In wildly other news, I just got back from Puerto Rico and was joking about the creepy rental we stayed in being home to the chupacabra.

      When we got back, I found out that the area we were in was known as a haunt of the chupacabra.

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