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The Rocks of Goris | by anii579/ Ani_in Lebanon
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The Rocks of Goris

These rocks amaze me with their beauty every time I'm in Goris. I've been inside some of the caves (you can see them in this photo too) a couple of years ago. There is a whole system of passages in-between them and to the "upper floors" inside the rocks. I took this photo at sunset, very near to the river, right at the edge of the city of Goris. The red-roofed building in left the is church.


Wikipedia {Goris is a city in the Syunik Marz of Armenia. Located in the valley of river Goris (Vararak), it is about 240 km away from the Armenian capital Yerevan. Nestled in a bowl of green hills and mountains, with interesting rock formations and many previously inhabited caves carved inside them, Goris has some of the nicest samples of historical urban architecture in Armenia. Somehow the traditional methods have been preserved overall in this city, while everywhere else the Soviet blueprints seem to have overwhelmed historic designs.

There are different explanations of the name. It is supposed that the name comes from the Indo-European prelanguage words "gor"(rock), "es" (to be), i.e. Goris "Kyores" means a rocky place.


There was a dwelling in the ancient times in the same area of the town. The humankind settled here since the Stone Age. Goris was first mentioned in the history by the Urartian period. King Rusa I (8th century B.C.) left a cuneiform, where he mentioned that among the 23 countries conquered by him, "Goristsa" country was one of them. The scientists suppose that it is the same Goris.


The old small town of Goris is famous for its thousands of dwellings carved into the rock. In 401 BC, during the retreat of the Ten Thousand (Anabasis), Xenophon passed through Armenia, in his account of the expedition he mentions the Armenian troglodytes of Khndzoresk and Goris.}


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Taken on June 14, 2012