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Old Stone's Story | by anii579/ Ani_in Lebanon
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Old Stone's Story

I traveled to South Armenia on Thursday-Friday by work again, and I'm lucky I could catch a moment to stop by this site, to take photos and share with you.

Karahunj or Zorats Karer, is an ancient observatory near Syunik province in Armenia, that by different sources is 7600–4500 years old.

These stones are fascinating. With those holes on some of them, and lizards climbing up and down, they leave your imagination draw pictures of what really was going on here back thousands of years.

I just realized, there is something in common between the names of Karahunj and Stonehenge. "Kar" in Armenian, means "Stone", -hunj/-henge, see it's similar?


Wikipedia {About 223 large stone tombs can be found in the area. It was explored by a team of archaeologists from the Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie, University of Munich who published their findings in 2000. They concluded that "in contrast to the opinion that Zorakarer may be called an Armenian Stonehenge", Zorats Karer "was mainly a necropolis from the Middle Bronze Age to the Iron Age." The Munich archaeologists add that it may have served "as a place of refuge in times of war", possibly in the Hellenistic - Roman period (c. 300 BC - 300 AD). A wall of rocks and compacted soil was built around the site with vertical rocks plugged into it for reinforcement: today only these upright rocks remain.

About 84 of the stones feature a circular hole, although only about 50 of the stones survive. They have been of interest to Russian and Armenian archaeoastronomists who have suggested that the standing stones could have been used for astronomical observation. This suggestion was made by observers who noted four stone holes which could be claimed to be sighted at the point on the horizon where the sun rises on midsummer's day. Four others standing stones display holes which observers claimed point where the sun sets on the same day.}


Thanks for your visit and have a great day!


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Taken on June 15, 2012