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> I Know... <©> | by anglia24
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> I Know... <©>

I know the truth is blinding,

I know the love is binding,

Like a landscape painted in the heart

Every stroke is a beat that may never be

Yet, beat it shall, and does in part

For this life entrances deeply, as far as I can see


Beyond burnishing golden sunsets

And calligraphic Norfolk reeds that Winter never forgets

This solemnised souvenir

Dropping slowly, with a level initialed

Curiously appears crisp to the tear

It's sign written like a sepulchral inscription thus discipled


And that mellow sound beyond even my wildest cares

A subtle flavour of warming tint for my wears

Single lines of vertical tendency arise

From the still Wensum tonight sleep

It's mid-November beyond, can you hear my sighs?

Through a mood of two decades plus a feeling deep


Written in relief beyond a diffuse glow I saw

You, given in flaunting tone a cherishment let me adore

With eyes a haunting this time, freedom rather than precision

Is key to a beauty faintly grooved

Nature is home to open-windowed scripts of sound and vision

As Her foresight so often proved


Need not a pen await the very right to papered landscapes -

Of imagination and quill, the ink passing through the heart of Her dreamscapes

Take me there, for I want to be with Her once more

She inscribed in stone, in me, the finest ornament

Now seen symmetrically, for my mind opened Her very door

Smooth to the touch Her greeting seduced my capital alignment


To match with Hers this very being, this entitlement

Developing my illumination to a solid stem of contentment

Eyes close for the invisible creep and twine of every finger

Upon the soft, silent surface of hitherto unscripted reflection

Now She the border for me the engraver where our design shall linger

Upon the thread of Autumn to sew in the hearts of many a very great resurrection


by anglia24



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Taken on November 21, 2007