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Wesley Crusher Tattoo

So, I got some new tattoos today. I've been waiting a month to get them. This is my Wesley Crusher tattoo. Star Trek, and Star Trek: The Next Generation in particular, meant the world to me when I was a pre-teen/teenager. I got into Star Trek by reading a book (See: Reading Rainbow tattoo) that had a strong Wesley sub-plot. I was enthralled with the idea that there was this kid who was smart and able to work with adults and didn't shy away from his talents, though it was hard being a kid wonder. Wesley and his struggles introduced the wider world of Star Trek to me, something that I will always be immensely glad for. Star Trek changed how I viewed the world. It gave me some complexes, sure, but it's message of science, exploration, and IDIC helped me struggle through my real life issues. I owe my love of Star Trek (and ultimately other science fiction) to Wesley. This is a tattoo on my "Foundations" arm - the arm of tattoos that represent the people/media/concepts/etc that helped make me who I am today.

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Taken on May 26, 2010