More HINTERLAND: «Mavrianou - Vrakades - Langada - Amalou»
On the old dry stone built trails of northwestern Ikaria: «Mavrianou - Vrakades - Langada - Amalou»
Read about this hike in our blog article (easily translatable in any language by using the Google translate app on top of the page):
«Στα Μονοπάτια της Ξερολιθιάς στη βορειοδυτική Ικαρία», a sequel of the hikes and explorations in the same area 3 years ago, all photos of which can be seen in the album: «HINTERLAND»

Google map of the hike with several more photos included.

For anybody interested for more, have a look at a compilation of all (or almost) our maps in Eleni's 💗 wonderful blog article: «Seven Power Spots in Ikaria»

About who we are and what we do, you may read a very touching piece of writing by our faithful friend Nana 💗 in her blog article: «Soul Powered Works Co»

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