Orensanz/Berlin Open Air Gallery Fest
Angel Orensanz Brightens up current Berlin Open Air Gallery Fest.

The splendid urban background of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district in Berlin is being the set for a major display and art-action of sculptor Angel Orensanz. His intervention consists of aerial displays of assemblages of dense formations of fabrics and painted vinyl sheets. They convey the feeling of an aerial descent of hermetic messages.

Sculptor Angel Orensanz has been requested to present this intervention as part of the current “Open Air Gallery Fest” that takes place from the 3rd to the 11th of the current month of July.

The thrust of Angel Orensanz’s participation establishes a rupture in the relationship between the viewer and the art piece, a trademark element present in most of his displays in public spaces. The aesthetics strategy of Angel Orensanz is to immerse spectators and passers-by in a playful atmosphere where conventions are broken and unexpected connections and feelings are brought to the surface. Art becomes participation and game simultaneously to all. Art is not a commodity for acquisition but the experience of spontaneity and playfulness.
photos: Daniel T. Berg
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