AngelGirls PENNY (Catz + Fancy)
AngelGirls Penelope Cruz
Born 07/21/15

A Blue MINK Mitted Girl with a blaze

Father::CatzaNova (Seal Lynx MINK Bicolor)
Mom: Miss Fancy Pants (White)

Color/Pattern: Dominant Blue Mitted with a diamond blaze: and MINK.

"Penelope" is a young girl who is just enjoying growing up and has had her first kittens! Penelope loves to be part of the human family and their interactions. If we are talking, she will mimic us in a cat voice with meow's and chirps! She wants to be a part of the family dynamics and our discussions! She knows we think she's charming, so she is extra talky when we have guests and friends over. She doesn't seem to understand that we find her more entertaining than intellectual! However, we know smart Penny will keep talking until we one day understand her! Obviously she also does a great job socializing her kittens, so they are always very affectionate and loving!
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