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our soldier, our hero - an update

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Just wanted to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts and well wishes. We are thrilled to share the news that my brother is back safe and sound on American soil.


It's been a great few months for my family. We had the first of the three 2008 nieces/nephews born safely and everything looks perfect for the other two. Then last Saturday 19 of us (minus soldier boy here and one nephew) watched my oldest little brother graduate from college (that makes five out of us six kids). He's in his early 30s and this has been a LONG journey for him. And now Greg's safe return from Iraq. My parents drove to meet him and he is spending the night at our family home outside of New Orleans. I can't imagine any Momma having a more perfect Mother's Day.


September 18, 2007

We got the goodbye call last night right at bedtime. My 23 yr old little brother spent his night on a plane to Iraq, deployed as part of the Virginia National Guard. This is his 2nd tour. His first turn was at 19 yrs old and he returned to New Orleans about 10 days after hurricane Katrina had destroyed everything. He moved up to Virginia to live with us and transferred into the Virginia National Guard. They were activated in the spring.


This was taken in early June at a family day at the base where he was being held until their training started in Mississippi. He has a special relationship with The Son, he moved in when he was 18 mths old and they were immediately best buds. It's amazing to see the gentleness and kindness he displays with my kids and realize what his job requires him to do. I can't wrap my head around it at 37, can't imagine how all these young guys ever do.


Three of my brothers have served in Iraq. I have watched the pride and tears in the eyes of my parents for years now. I don't have the luxury of having an opinion on the war. I'm too busy praying for their safe return.

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