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Or as you Newfies pronounce it, Chi-carrrr-go.

That's right, I'm finally here. Well, I've been here for a little while now. Since May the 24th to be exact.


A lot of things are changing in my life, and they are all definitely for the better. I'm the happiest I've been, I really really have the greatest friends (and family, I consider you my friends too) in the world.


So for those of you who don't know, I'm in Chicago all Summer long to work with Aaron Nace at his studio, aka, Phlearn. It's great fun. Since I've been here I've met tons of amazing and talented people, made some amazing friends, and I've done lots of touristy stuff too! Visited the Chicago skydeck, had deep dish pizza, went to the Planetarium and I have some plans this weekend to visit the Field Museum and go to the Shedd Aquarium. I've truly been so unbelievably busy! Oh, and I forgot to mention I also seen about 1000 naked bikers one Saturday night….


I wasn't able to find a place for myself until about a week ago. Since my time of arrival to Chicago was delayed by 3 weeks, the place we had planned to get for me was rented out by the time I got here (and was also in a horrible neighbourhood, I was asked by someone if I could sell them weed within my first 10 minutes there). But now I'm all settled. Living in a community called Evanston, living with two boys named Alex (yes they're both named Alex) who are very nice and surprisingly quite clean! Ha!


I'm going to try to upload photos as much as I can, but for real, it won't be too often. However, Jenna and I (Jenna is also interning with Phlearn this Summer, and she's effing awesome) will soon be creating content for Phlearn, and we're thinking this content will also include a photo by me, and a photo by her as well. So, who knows!


I have some more photos in comments, but if you want to stay up to date with everything I'm doing in Chicago just check out my Facebook album "Summer in Chicago!" :)


Thanks for everything, as always people!!! x


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Taken on June 9, 2012