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Kelly Gruber of the Toronto Bluejays

Monday, June 29th, 2009

In the hospital for chemotherapy again, my counts are back up! Wasn't expecting this though - to meet Kelly Gruber of the Toronto Blue Jays. Apparently he has some sort of camp set up around here and he just goes around the hospital to meets sick kids! haha. He brought in a magazine and a picture of himself, signed it in front of me, and then the people at the hospital and my mom took pictures of me and him. Deadly or what? haha.

Also, the results from my PET scan that I got in Halifax came back, it's negative. There is no active disease! So, now they just have to do other tests and check for hodgkins cells, because even if there is just one it could multiply into much more very quickly.


I'm also getting my surgery done now this Thursday. I am finally getting my port-a-cath put in. They aren't putting it in my superior vena cava vein though, they're putting it in one of the other veins from the branch of vessels.

So, good news I'm getting the surgery, but bad news as to why I'm not getting the surgery in my SVC. Turns out when I got my second CT scan on Thursday it showed a blood clot in my SVC vein. They don't want to put the port-a-cath in the other SVC because they don't want to risk having both clotted at the same time. They say what caused the clot is just the fact that I am sick, I have hodgkins disease.

So now to get rid of that blood clot, after the surgery, I'm going to start getting needles twice a day everyday for 4-6 months. Pretty shitty, but what can ya do?

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Taken on June 29, 2009