Nepal is a Hindu country, but it was a surprise for me to find that Kathmandu was endowed with so many riches from the Bhuddists, stupas, monastries, architecture. Magnificent , and apparantly it was originally founded by a bodhisattva as a city sacred to Buddha. Difficult/impossible for me to show in pictures because of the sheer size. I was there just as the new Maoist government was being sworn into power. The people were very much hoping for more stability from now on. The hills around Kathmandu are beautiful but the air is often polluted (many brick factories spewing black smoke) and the view of the Himayayas fades into smog a lot of the time. Baseball caps are in, traditional Nepali hats and costumes, saris, and tibetan dress...there are many Tibetans living here. Tibet runs along all the Northern border, India around the sides and south. Photos are from mainly from Kathmandu, Bahktapur, and Nagarkot. It was only when I got back onto my street that I realised how much the people I met here had worked their way into my heart and how difficult it was going to be to re-adapt to living in North America again.
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