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52/52 - the end

it's been a bad year so let me sleep in one more day



firstly, thank you all for supporting me. thank you for every single comment, every favorite, everything. it has meant so much and i couldn't have gotten here without it. and thank you all so much for 60,OOO views i just hit!


so this is the end. it has been more than a year since i took this photo and so much has changed with me, with my life, with how i feel. when i first begun this project, i felt inspired. i was excited and willing to create, always looking for an opportunity to take photos. and i loved it. somewhere along the way, i lost this feeling. i got caught up in school, in sports, in life in general and wasn't able to find time for photography. taking photos used to be my passion, it was amazing and surreal and it changed the way i viewed things. everyday, on the bus ride to school, i would look out the window and think to myself "oh i wish i had my camera" or "i wish i could take photos there." i want to go back to that. i want to go back to thriving on inspiration, wanting to create. to be honest, now, i feel none of it anymore. i have no motivation to take photos, i have no motivation to get out of my room to take self portraits. its been forever since i've gone anywhere besides my room for photos. photography has changed for me so much through this year. it helped me get through some hard times. now, i just want to capture for memories. i'm going to devote myself to film photography because film holds a certain magic to me. i'm not going to update my flickr anymore, or perhaps rarely. my pro account has been gone and it breaks my heart to see my photos getting deleted. so i guess this is goodbye. flickr, it has been amazing to meet all these people, to gather all this inspiration, but the community that i once loved seems to be disappearing, and with them, so am i.


the full 52 week set is here





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Taken on April 12, 2012