Yoga morning in Ojai

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    Our basic human vulnerability, which has the potential for insuring our compassion, can also trigger our weapons of prejudice, bigotry, violence, and greed. If we are to turn the tide of our times, we must find a way to discover and promote high self-esteem and high system-esteem…Community between and among must begin with community within.
    –Pat Callair

    Picture taken at Sacred Ways event...
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    Date taken :2005/11/05 02:21:19
    Image size :2592 x 1944
    Resolution :300 x 300 dpi

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    1. tiny_tear 114 months ago | reply

      #1 (from the I WANT Se7en group

      This is a funny one... The girls all have her legs in the air and the bloke is cheating!

      Nice photo, but it would be better if the car + tent weren't there and it was just trees in the background

    2. spirala 114 months ago | reply

      the angle is not so great Nice, but you got just enough headroom.
      I agree with tiny about the humorous part of the photo.


      #2 (from the I WANT Se7en group

    3. cabstiv 114 months ago | reply

      I think the composition is not good
      what is the message?
      Why the poeple are cut?
      This picture is unreadable :(

    4. EranMahalu 114 months ago | reply

      All the great elements are here:

      color, depth, story, composition. this is good++

      #3 (from the I WANT Se7en group)

    5. PsychoJr 114 months ago | reply

      I am with cabstiv on this. I thing I understand what You were aiming at, with the positions and composition

      but I think there are too many people in the photo, some of them cut raughly, so it looses some of the effect

      #5 (from the I WANT Se7en group)

    6. gosicka 114 months ago | reply

      oo! very interesting photo. beautiful blue and shadow... nice.

      #6 from i want se7en

    7. JuanJ 114 months ago | reply

      Nice capture! Like the angle.

      #7 (from the I WANT Se7en group)

    8. ¨ ♪ Claudio Lara ✔ 114 months ago | reply

      I like seeing that the people think about improving the health.
      Excellent perspective.
      #8 (from the I WANT Se7en group

    9. Vít Hassan 112 months ago | reply

      Very nice shades and whole composition.

    10. egg. 112 months ago | reply

      the light is a bit strong, but the image and many angles are compelling...

    11. faizall 112 months ago | reply

      you've got mine.

      like the perspective and composition. nice.


    12. egg. 112 months ago | reply

      oops, did not actually add a tag1? that's a first for me...

    13. Flynn Wynn [deleted] 112 months ago | reply

      Neat lines. I wish I had the time to dedicate to yoga. When I do make the time, its really enjoyable.


    14. Anduze traveller 112 months ago | reply

      Congratulations! This was tagged out & has now been removed from the pool. Please put a new photo in Tag for us to enjoy, and keep on having fun playing tag - both posting and tagging/ commenting the way you do!

    15. Dan Zen 106 months ago | reply

      Cool shot - would you consider posting to the Exercise group?


    16. sweetgoddess71 87 months ago | reply

      Award Final v1 - Gold1
      ~~ Congratulations! ~~
      Your photo won the challenge at Photo Face-Off!
      Please post it to our pool.

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    17. sarah j henry 85 months ago | reply

      Thanks for making this photo available under the Creative Commons agreement.

      Thought you might like to see this blog post with your image attached.

      Sarah Henry

    18. splicetoday 84 months ago | reply

      We've used this great photo as the topper image to an article published this morning:

      Thanks for your creative commons agreement, and be sure to take a look at our whole site.

      Splice Today

    19. NickP12345 76 months ago | reply

      Nice shot! Thanks for making this photo available under the Creative Commons agreement. I'm going to going to use this photo for my upcoming post on:

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