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Reform church in Weinfelden

Churches in Bussnang - the catholic and the protestant churches are practically next to each other La Grande Synagogue a Geneve Temple - place of worship in Zurich Mosque - place of worship Mobile Hindu temple / shrine Hindu festivities Remembering 108 people from Constance Saint Agatha's catholic church in Dietikon St Josephs Church church  place of worship in Frauenfeld St. Francis of Salles church in Geneva Roman Catholic Church St. Boniface church in Geneva The St. Francis catholic church at Horn The St. Francis catholic church at Horn St. Peter's church church in Wil and the refurbishing of the vicarage (to the right) the most beautiful wall in Wil Igreja Sao Nicolau, St. Nicholas church Igreja e escola Sta. Catarina, St. Catherine's church

Remembering humanitarian events.
meeting places, religious festivities: in Switzerland; I have documented as many religious and philosophical beliefs as I have come across locally. These original images, represent a wide range of different religions, ways of thinking and convictions. The word "tolerance" is what comes to my mind, when I collected these images. And a few places of remembrance. Included are views relating to these denominations and subjects: Hindu, Moslem, Jewish, Catholic, Christ Catholic, Jan Hus, Protestant (evangelical, reform, free church, calvinist), Free masons. These are all original photos taken in Switzerland or near the border showing a great variety. Some denominations, which I would have photographed were not seen, therefore there are no images. Tolerance and acceptance go a long way, but ideally, should be mutual. That is my sincere wish.

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