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Baby squirrels

I made the trek back to visit my family in Southern Illinois this week. I drove the 800 miles nonstop only to get sick the next day. I spent the week just dragging. I had so many plans to get out and explore. These little guys came to us a couple of days before I left. They are about a week old. Due to the ice storm that wreaked havoc on parts of the midwest, there are already so many orphaned squirrels. There are many trees that have to be taken down due to losing so many branches. These just happened to come of out a tree next to my parent's house. They were sawing it up and my dad happened to notice a little tail. My family is no stranger to raising orphaned squirrels. I guess there have been ten or more in my life. My dad has always chopped firewood for the winters. So that is how we got Alvin, Simone, and Thea. Yeah I know they are not chipmunks, but my little guy is obsessed with the movie, so it seemed fitting. Oh and 2 are girls, hence the Simone and Thea. I can't wait to go through all the pics you guys have been posting this week. Man I have missed my flickr. Happy Spring!


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The formula used for baby squirrels or really any other baby animal was given to my mom from a vet. She has managed to bring up over a dozen now and all have been released back into the wild. If used and they begin to show signs of sickness then decrease the Karo syrup by half.


1 Can Evaporated milk

1 Can of Water

1 Egg Yolk

1/2 tsp of Karo Corn Syrup

4 drops Cod liver oil


Mix and strain (or it won't go through the small bottles) Pick up small bottles at any pet store. Use a hot needle or pin and poke a small hole in the nipple. If the hole is too large the babies get too much and choke. Warm the formula up to the temp of a baby's bottle. As they get their teeth in then they can begin to eat pecans, walnuts, peanuts, sunflower seeds. All nuts with shells on them preferably after they learn how.


Also if you find yourself with an orphaned squirrel then be sure to provide a warm bed. My mom used a shoe box with a towel. Then as they got older she moved them into a large plastic tote with sticks and towels.

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Taken on March 17, 2009