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Pitcher Plant-Nepenthes bicalcarata | by aneye4wonder (Ineta McParland)
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Pitcher Plant-Nepenthes bicalcarata

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From Selby Gardens:

"These carnivorous plants have fascinating way of catching and eating insects and other small animals.

The plant's pitcher and its lid form a trap, which is actually a modified leaf. Glands in the lid secrete a nectar that attracts the prey, which may fall into the pitcher and drown. Glands in the inner walls of the pitcher then secrete enzymes that aid in digestion, and fluids inside the pitcher contain bacteria wich also contribute to the digestive process.

Because Nepenthes absorb nutrients from animals, they are capable of growing in areas that are nutrient poor. Over 70 species can be found in tropical Asia, Australia and Madagascar, where they may grow as epiphytes, or grow on the ground in moist, humid regions.

One species is known to have pitchers large and sturdy enough to hold nearly a gallon of liquid. When the lid of the pitcher is still closed, the fluid is pure and potable, providing refreshment for thirsty travelers."

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This picture was selected for Russian magazine "Live Sight" in article about carnivorous plants, and it is mostly viewed photo with over 5,000 views and growing.

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Taken on September 23, 2006