Kill Bill typography
Note: Since I'm no longer maintaining my blog, I decided to move some of the info from one of my favorite entries onto Flickr. So here goes, edited only where it makes sense:

With the recent (Editor's note: This was originally written in 2006) showings of "Kill Bill: Vol. 1" and "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" on basic cable — horribly cut up, but on television nonetheless — I am reminded of how "typographically rich" these films are.

Being a designer, I couldn\'t help but notice the almost humorously varying number of fonts used for the credits, subtitles and chapter titles. Most movies find one or two really sharp looking typefaces and stick with them for everything, from opening titles to closing credits. But not Quentin Tarantino.

My best guess is that the wacky inconsistancy is yet another tribute to the grindhouse films — notoriously low budget, including title sequences — that "Kill Bill" is meant to emulate. But who knows...

So what fonts do the movies feature? That\'s what the bulk of this entry is about.

A little about how I came about this information: If one watches the end credits of both films, one will notice that the titles and credits are, um, credited to Pacific Title, a company that has been doing movie titles pretty much since movies had titles. They are involved in a large number of Hollywood productions every year, and they seem to do good work. But they were very unhelpful when I contacted them in an attempt to get a list of the fonts used in "Kill Bill." So unhelpful, in fact, that they didn\'t respond to several emails or even a telophone message.

So what was I to do? The only thing I could do: search the Interweb for someone who'd done all the hard work already. I found a few items, mostly people just commenting on how, gosh, there were a bunch of different fonts in that movie.

The most helpful items were forum threads on Web sites devoted to fonts and font information. But even those didn\'t identify all of the fonts used. So I turned to What The Font, a font recognition system that allows you to upload an image containing samples of typefaces and attempts to put a name the mystery font. It works pretty well, and I was able to identify almost all of the fonts used in the films.

There are a few, however, that I just couldn't seem to track down or that still seemed just a little bit off from the suggestions I found on the MyFonts forum. Those specimins I've included at the end, and if you can offer an ID for any of them, feel free to post in the comments and I'll update the post and give you some mad credit. So, without further ado, the fonts of "Kill Bill," in no particular order:
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