Spirit of Shackleton. The last voyage of the MS Explorer
The last expedition of the MS Explorer.

LeeAnn and I had decided to visit Antarctica.

LeeAnn had been with GAP adventures to Antarctica on the MS Explorer some two years previously and it had changed the way she had looked at things. She wanted to share that with me.

I had been really interested in Shackleton and the Falklands so the trip: visiting all these spots pushed a lot of buttons. The trip was aptly named Spirit of Shackleton

We flew out of the UK on the 8th of November 2007 and made our way via Buenos Aires down to Ushuaia on the very southern tip of South America

The photo's are in chronological order and therefore provide a story board of the trip that LeeAnn and myself took.

The time stamp is corrected for local time and are taken from the camera. This was calibrated against a radio signal clock on my return. Other photo's which were sourced elsewhere have the time stamp estimated and this is made clear.

Any fellow passengers that come across this set of photo's; please feel free to add comments that correct any mistakes I might have made

Suggestion: To read the storyboard just click on the top left picture and then follow it through to the end by clicking on the next picture
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