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    I am not a believer in religious mythologies...but I do feel there are lessons to be learned from them. In other words, they do not have to be literally true, to have truth to them. The story of St. Francis and the wolf is one of those stories. Legend has it that a wolf was killing livestock and people. They called in the holy man, Francis of Assisi, and asked for his guidance. Francis is said to have gone out to the wolf. The wolf began to stalk him and circle round him. But Francis gently spoke to the wolf and heard the wolf's explanation for his behaviour. He got the wolf, who had been injured and abandoned by his pack, to agree not to attack livestock or people anymore, and in exchange, the people of the town would feed him. The moral of the story, gentleness and kindness and mutual respect and understanding can lead to solutions.

    Do I believe the story? No. Francis was clearly an animal lover, (which is why I like him, being a vegetarian myself) but I don't think he could talk to them. I think he had good instincts about them, much like the "dog whisperer" phenomenon. But I love the story, anyway. I love the idea that gentleness and kindness can turn a hardened heart around...

    And here's a song completely unrelated to St.Francis...but has a really handsome Italian guy in it, and St. Francis was Italian, so there's the connection...and it has the word "gentle" in it.
    Tiziano Ferro

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    1. rafartreides2015 29 months ago | reply

      always so much to learn from the symbolism in myths, true life lessons !
      great take on the theme ! Hmam !

    2. gionni br@vo 29 months ago | reply

      Magical portrait !!

    3. Poupetta aka Ann 29 months ago | reply

      Hey you, pretty woman, I'll be here to read you tomorrow. Your photo is beautiful like you.
      I'm back from the Leonard Cohen concert. It was fantastic :-)

    4. Shelly MacNeil - Conway 29 months ago | reply

      St. Francis is one of my favourites, I have a statue of him.
      I believe the same, gentleness, can tame the wild.
      HMAM, my friend!

    5. Wooway1 29 months ago | reply

      So Little Red Riding Hood should have tried harder ?

    6. Patty Maher 29 months ago | reply

      lovely :)

    7. coollessons2004(mostly off) 29 months ago | reply

      Love the warmth captured in this, with the tones & framing of the image as well as from your words.

    8. Dan around town 29 months ago | reply

      Very nice Rita.

    9. ~Craig~ 29 months ago | reply

      wonderfully done and so thoughtful


    10. Super G 29 months ago | reply

      brilliant photo and words!

    11. whidbychick 29 months ago | reply

      great story


    12. gary's images @ studio g 29 months ago | reply

      very cool image and description. hmam!

    13. arrowlili 29 months ago | reply

      a lovely shot to go with a lovely story! hmam

    14. lambertwm 29 months ago | reply

      Awwww!! Awesome!! (seen at #310 in Explore) Keep it up;-)

    15. JFGryphon 29 months ago | reply

      "gentleness and kindness and mutual respect and understanding can lead to solutions...."
      Very true.

      Delightfuly image, Rita.

    16. Steven Payne NW 29 months ago | reply

      A lovely image and story. I love wolves...all animals for that matter, which is why I've been vegetarian for 40+ years. an animal-loving hmam, Rita

    17. Rita was here... 29 months ago | reply

      Thanks, you 2!

      Thanks, glenn!

      I appreciate that, Charlie, thanks!

      Thank you, Allan!

      Agreed, Raf! And thank you!

      Grazie, gionni!

      So glad you enjoyed the concert! Ciao!

      Hi, Shelly! Thanks, my friend!

      Thanks, Diane!

      No,Mike, I think she did her best. You've got to know when you're "barking" up the wrong tree, too.

      Thanks, Patti.

      Thanks, Rich. I appreciate the feedback.

      Thank you, Dan!

      Thanks, Craig!

      Most kind of you, Tim.

      Thanks, widbychick!

      Thank you, Gary.

      Thank you, Brian.

      Thanks, Anna.

      Danku wel, Lambert.

      Hi, Jim! Thank you!

      Well, it's lovely to meet another vegetarian! I've been veg for about 27 years...Thanks!!

      Thanks for the faves!

    18. f l a m i n g o 29 months ago | reply

      Beautiful image!

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