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Oh, Gawd, Misha on Deck

Well, shameless of me, I know. I could not bring myself to ask him for a picture, incredibly, because I was too shy to do it. What would I say if he asked me? I want to take your picture because I think you're beautiful and I want to remember you? Not likely. And the other thing I wanted to ask him to do for me was even more out of bounds. ;-) So I'll have to settle for this.


He was a lovely young man, who primarily did the pool deck duties. His nametag said he was from the Ukraine, so when I finally got the nerve up to ask him one morning to take a picture of me and my family in the hot tub, and he sweetly and kindly obliged, I thanked him, in Ukrainian. I grew up with Ukrainians on either side of me and more down the street. So I learned to say "thank you" and "come home" in every language on our street (there were quite a few nationalities there). Naturally, I might have liked to ask Misha to come home, but I was at a disadvantage, being at sea. ;-) When he heard me utter the words "thank you" in his mother tongue, he just lit up, and asked me "how did you know?". This of course gave me the excuse to speak with him a little longer, and I was surprised at how much a 48 year old woman can feel like a teenager, sometimes. It is always nice to be reminded that you are indeed alive and well. May he have safe travels, and a happy life, wherever he ends up, the sweet thing.

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Taken on February 16, 2012