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Nesting Dolls | by andyi
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Nesting Dolls

Let's click through the "History" menu on this particular articulation of my dementia:


1) "I bet the paper won't be able to find a good picture of the MobilePro for my column. I should shoot one."


2) "That's a nice picture...actually, it'll be even more interesting if I shoot it on top of my Powerbook, just for scale."


3) " know, before I put everything away, I should put the MobilePro and the Powerbook on top of the 17" Pavilion, just for fun."


4) "Wouldn't that old HP palmtop look cool on top of the stack? It looks like a mini-laptop. I know it's in that big drawer of palmtops in my hardware locker..."


And the next thing you know, I'm rummaging through my digital locker in the office, pulling out all kinds of current and vintage gear, trying to produce the tallest stack of incrementally-smaller mobile computers that I can.


("Computer" defined as "an electronic device capable of running user-installable software, which can take in data through some sort of input port, perform a calculation or a transformation on that data, and then spit it out through some sort of output.")


No, I don't have some sort of OCD, dammit. Looking at this shot, I realize that hell, I could have put my MacBook between the PowerBook and the MobilePro. I think the MagicCap device could go between the MobilePro and the Newton, too. But am I going to go back and reshoot this? Nope. So there.

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Taken on May 2, 2007