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Silver Lining. | by andyholmfirth
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Silver Lining.

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Wandering about to me is like an MOT for the old grey matter.We're not machines but the modern world seems to expect us all to behave in that routine,automated way.The old mind needs a bit of space to wander just like my old legs.After a few days walk about I find the niggling things in my head perculate away.It takes time for that process to run it's course.Time we don't seem to get these days.This pic was taken towards the end of my walk when I'd actually got lost !! Earlier in the day I took a short cut up into the mist to get to the next glen.As I left the path behind and walked off into the peaty gloom I recall thinking "don't get lost Andy lad.You could easily end up on top of that little hill if you're not careful."Chilled out I didn't bother with a compass bearing even though I could only see 10 yards in any direction.Careful reading of the contours and my strong sense of direction would do the trick.But I got to wandering about in my head and rambled away on several wild mental goose chases,losing all sense of time and direction.It was lovely ! When reality returned I knew I'd climbed way to high but kept going.Strangely I convinced my self after a look at the map and contours that I wasn't lost.I began to descend and even thought I saw the loch down in the glen where I should be.Then the mists cleared a little and map reality really did not match up at all ! What a feeling of complete disorientation !I could here running water through the gloom so headed for that.I had walked North East in the mists instead of North West ! But at least I'd got lost just where I thought I would.Even though I'd been walking for three hours I was now a good three miles behind where I set off from. I really didn't care at all.What's more the weather picked up and I got this glourious view of Loch Mullardoch.If only such errors didn't matter in every day life.

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Taken on May 22, 2010