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35/365 Untitled | by Moomorris
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35/365 Untitled

oh my days i've been doing this for over a month! ah! didn't even noticed AND ALSO!

41 items / 1,512 views ! YESSSSSS AHH MY DAYS THANK YOU ALL :D! i didn't celebrate 1,000! soo ;/ 1.5k will do :D it's a cooler number anyways! hmm this photo was actually in between the shot i actually was taking. this was one of 2 and the only one in focus! so i was pretty lucky :) the other photos were absolute pooh.

one of my best friends had her 18th party last night :D good times. hot tub :D!


i have been tagged! lol so new to this. tagged by A New Way To Stand

last move you saw in the cinema? Ummm i went a long time ago, i think Up?

favourite current song? this day- emmas imagination and kylie minogue-get out of my way.

what is your favourite tv show? i dont' watch tv, but i love doctor who

what do you usually have for breakfast? i mix three cereals, kellogs corn flakes rice crispies and all bran into the same bowl then have toast with butter and laughing cow spreadable cheese. and robinsons orange juice :)

what is your middle name?

what food do you dislike? PRAWNS!

favourite item of clothing? My YSL jumper :)

if you could go anywhere in the world on holiday where would you go? Tokyo, Yosemite.

favourite sport to watch? Tennis , rythmatic gymnastics,badminton

how many pets do you have? none. but i used to have a fish called frostie before i had to move.

favourite movie? school of rock, son of rambow, avatar,

favourite candy/sweet? drumstick lollies :D or mars bar :DNOMNOMNOM

day on the calender your looking forward to? 25 december

what are you listening to right now? mad world-gary jules

do you wish on stars? every time

if you were a crayon what colour would you be? white so you couldn't see me, then you painted over me in water colour and i'd be there all magically :D

favourite smell? pollen in spring time.

what are you afraid of? myself.

what is your favourite place to be?underneath my cherry blossom trees/ my abandoned gorge nearby. i just love walking by the river god it's amazing!

what is one part of yourself that you like? My neck ! so random! i just like how it's quite long? that's not that weird?....

" " " " " " " dislike? insecure, my nose, the fact i cannot build relationships with people.

do you think this survery is lame?

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Taken on October 10, 2010