• Powebook
  • Kubuntu
  • Windows
  • Bosch IXO
  • Brasso. Because you never know when something might need polishing.
  • iPod in woolly sock.
  • Little drawers full of useful stuff.
  • Big blue room.
  • Dremel
  • Cheap Maplin multimeter
  • Dog (under table)
  • 250Gb removable hard drive with anti-DRM sticker

My desk

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Because someone asked.

  1. mattmagic ages ago | reply

    Is that a Bosch power screwdriver on the window sill?
    what box is driving Kubuntu?

  2. AndyArmstrong ages ago | reply

    Yup, Bosch IXO which seems to have a loose connection somewhere. Sometimes it doesn't charge and sometimes it cuts out until you whack it. Need to investigate that.

    Kubuntu's on a Dell Dimension 3100C.

  3. AndyArmstrong ages ago | reply

    Just taken the Bosch to bits. Couldn't reproduce the fault and it works fine now I've put it back together. Will investigate further if it bollocks up again :)

  4. mattmagic ages ago | reply

    Sounds posher than mine, they're nice and useful though, especially for builing bicycle wheels :)

  5. nick3216 ages ago | reply

    Will try that this weekend when I build my new front wheel.

  6. AndyArmstrong ages ago | reply

    I just need a fluffy white cat :)

    A few Mini Mokes would be good too.

  7. danoxster ages ago | reply

    its monitorific!

  8. AndyArmstrong ages ago | reply

    Needs a great big Apple Cinema display I think.

  9. danoxster ages ago | reply

    you mean some kind of monitor consolidation?

  10. macpuppy ages ago | reply

    that's waaaaayyyy tidier that I would have expected Andy !
    where's the large quantities of alcohol ? And how do you do the 'active area' stuff?

  11. gary_crayons ages ago | reply

    nah, villains cat's are always overweight and sulky.

  12. nick3216 ages ago | reply

    Could be worse.You could have a KVM switch.

  13. AndyArmstrong ages ago | reply

    I was considering a KVM Nick - but the right hand monitor has two inputs and I run Synergy (which is ace) to share the mouse, keyboard and clipboard when I feel like it. Having the clipboard shared across all the machines rocks.

    Macpuppy: I don't actually drink that much - only really at parties and 'special' times :)

  14. macpuppy ages ago | reply

    ... but everyday is 'special' ;o)

  15. AndyArmstrong ages ago | reply

    What Evva :)

  16. Firky [deleted] ages ago | reply

    mmmm powerbook!

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