Travel, in space

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    Ford kindly loaned me this Galaxy to take part in a big shoot last week, not just as a photographic subject- at which it excelled thanks to its modern looks and panoramic roof (great for driving shots)- but also to carry around the editorial team from the photo magazine that was doing the behind-the-scenes feature.

    We moved from location to location shooting different images and styles of long exposure, dodging rain showers, eating junk food and smiling repeatedly for the camera. It was a long night but sadly we never got to see the stars.

    And that's kinda how I found myself out the following night beneath an impressively starry sky, piecing together this concept shot that had sold the idea to Ford in the first place.

    Multiple lighting frames at ISO200 f/9 merged with stacked star trails at ISO400 f/2.8.

    Hope you like it.


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    1. artofthestate 27 months ago | reply

      That is some stunning work, looking forward to reading about it on the blog.

    2. saci ® 27 months ago | reply


    3. SkyWalker108 27 months ago | reply

      yep, I like it very much!!
      And thanks for the information
      Hope you had fun with this shoot out :)

    4. V a s s 27 months ago | reply

      low enough to block the oncoming traffic, clever position.
      Liking the lorries higher lights, make the shot.

    5. Blake Herman 27 months ago | reply

      Awesome work. Love your long exposures.

    6. alexlelourd 27 months ago | reply

      Wow! Superb !

    7. Rock-Ola 27 months ago | reply

      Cool! Well done.

    8. The-dodo 27 months ago | reply

      Fantastic concept, and pulled off with perfection!

    9. pHotosHo0x 27 months ago | reply

      that place has to be pretty dark right? how do you calculate the exposure so it would not get overexpose by the ambient light from the moon? love how the shot ended anyway. pretty sharp and clear.

    10. AndWhyNot 27 months ago | reply

      Thanks all. Nearly ready with the blog, it'll be tomorrow now though.

      Sure it's dark there. There was no moon. If there had been, it would just be a matter of taking test shots until you find the right balance of settings. I almost always shoot stars with an aperture of f/2.8 or wider. If the moon's up and bright, use short exposures (say, 15sec @ ISO200); if the moon's dim or down run the exposures for longer or push the ISO.

    11. JoPeRsON 27 months ago | reply

      j'aime bien

    12. pHotosHo0x 27 months ago | reply

      i've tried f3ish n get blurry image at the end. i can only get sharp image with f7 n above. my guess is either my pic style or i manually focus on the wrong thing. thank for replying.

    13. LEXPIX_ 26 months ago | reply

      Nicely done.

    14. mxing✪m 24 months ago | reply

      Fantastic work!

    15. Matt Bailey-Smith 23 months ago | reply

      Stunning photo, so much to enjoy in it!

    16. MatzeGT 22 months ago | reply

      WOW, one of the best light painting photos, i´ve seen!

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