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Stonehenge. Night. Lightpainted.

What better day than summer solstice to share this image of Stonehenge.


Shot earlier this year, I've been wanting to post it for months but couldn't think how to publish it yet prevent it ending up over the interwebz. The compromise is this jaunty-angled snap of a canvas I had made, measuring 31"x22"




We set off for the historic monument with ambitions of star trails but the closer we got in distance and time the less promising the sky appeared, finally covering over a couple of minutes after we crept in (shush!). Could've been worse - on the way home it started snowing!


Knowing time was limited I headed straight for the kill and set up for this shot. A short high-ISO test confirmed the hotspot in the sky would clear the stones so I set the cam running and headed for the centre with my SB-800.


Each of the five stones facing the camera took a couple of full power strobe hits and I popped the headstones too for good measure. That's what gave the fantastic shadows and backlit texture to the grass. Meanwhile the sky fell into place as a factor of the long exposure - total elapsed time 301 seconds.


A tiny amount of cloning to remove a distraction but exposure, contrast, light and colour all sooc.



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Taken on February 12, 2010